TRC’s New Medcial Outreach!

20 Jul

As of early June, the medical team of TRC (Brigitte Daley and Harriet Kirungi) have taken their high quality services outside of our clinic walls! Twice a week, travelling about 20km by vehicle, Harriet and Brig take turns visiting the neighbouring community of Kassaka. Like Tekera, Kassaka is a very spread out rural community that offers no other medical service in the area; as such patients have been showing up in high numbers keeping it a busy day and worthwhile service. A Big Thanks goes to Sanne Bins, a past volunteer from the Netherlands, for donating the start-up costs (for drugs and supplies) for this mobile clinic. Common treatments at the outreach are similar to our in-house clinic treating for malaria, respiratory tract infections, minor injuries and infections, pre and post natal care, STDs and councelling.

TRC would also like to give Special Thanks to Tsawwassen Rotary Club in Canada for donating our new outreach vehicle!! This 3-wheeled motorcycle can sufficiently carry our nurses, drugs and supplies on the rugged terrain to the outreach sight. Above you can see  Nurse Harriet and volunteer Paul Rigby on their way back from outreach!

 This outreach medical service has been a long time dream of our nurses, and a service we hope to continue for a long time to come. If you would like to get involved with supporting the outreach, either by buying drugs or paying for a nurse’s salary, please contact us at

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