Football and Netball Matches in Kasozi Village

31 Jul

It was a day of competition against some local rivals as the TPS boys football team and girls netball team, faced off against St. Mary’s Primary School in Kasozi Village. The boys pulled off an impressive performance by beating the home team 1-0, while the girls lost in their match.

Teachers and students were happy to enjoy the time away from classes and take a break from studying as the second term of the year comes to an end in a few weeks.


boys football team photo

The boys football team poses for a photo.

football game action

Game action with Tekera in blue and Kasozi in orange.

girls netball team photo 2

The girls netball team.

post matches talk

Students from both teams took part in a small talk after the matches.

TPS celebrating a goal

Fans of Tekera celebrate after scoring a goal.

TPS fans

Tekera Primary students and teachers were happy to cheer on the boys and girls.

TPS netball fans

Tekera fans watch patiently during the girls netball match.


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