Optometry Outreach Day at TRC

21 Aug

eye outreach 1

The first optometry outreach was recently held at TRC and TPS! 171 students, teachers, and community members attended the outreach to have their eyes checked and examined by an optometry outreach team from Masaka.

The team comprised of 4 individuals who are professional optometrists and were led by Ann Basiima, who is the head of the eye department at the Masaka Hospital, and Kunja Abdullah, the President of the Association of Optometrists in Uganda.


eye outreach 2

While the majority of the students and community members tested had good vision scores, some students were treated for allergies, eye dryness, and debris that was stuck in eyes. Some special cases involving TPS students were also discovered and will require follow-up appointments over the next few months and years. We are thankful to be able to have hosted such a professional outreach team who showed kindness and care to each and every student that came through the outreach.

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