14 Sep

Meet Christine Nalweyiso. Christine is four years old and a Tekera Primary School student in Baby Class (pre-school). At the Optometry Outreach TRC hosted several weeks ago, Christine was diagnosed with a severe squint (strabismus) in both of her eyes. The condition can be cured through treatment, but if left undetected it can lead to permanent vision loss. Thanks to the visiting team of optometrists, the problem was caught and Christine’s vision can be corrected. The optometrists referred Christine to the Reharo Eye Centre in Mabrara, Uganda. Last week, TRC staff — including the school’s head teacher — drove Christine and her mother to the Centre, where she underwent further tests and consultation. Thanks to donors in Canada, Christine will have corrective eye surgery christine 3 christine1 christine2on one of her eyes, followed by a second surgery next year.

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