The Story of TRC

Our History and Founders

TRC was founded by Bruce and Brigitte Daley (Canada), Killian Kehoe (Ireland) and Einer Rubilar (Chile) in January 2006. With the help of a local social worker the founders established the Centre in Tekera/ Lwega village, Buwunga sub-county, in Masaka district, about 17 km from the town of Masaka.

Brigitte and Bruce (right) lived in Uganda since TRC began. They spent 6 years in Uganda before returning back to Canada. Einer (below left) and Killian (below right). 

The community of Tekera was chosen as the place to establish TRC due to its isolation from social services. Tekera was chosen because electricity, public transport facilities and access to water were all limited due to a lack of a road.

In 2006, upon its inception, a road was built to access the medical clinic with Brigitte as the nurse practitioner.  However, due to the needs and demands of the community, the project quickly expanded to include Community and Co-operative Farms, a Women’s Craft Club, and the Tekera Primary School.  The project continues to work to ensure it is staying true to its mission and meeting its goals and objectives.

In 2009, TRC joined with ICEF Canada. ICEF Canada currently fully runs and operates the Tekera Resource Centre.