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Music, Dance, and Drama Practice

25 Jun

The second term at TPS is underway and students and teachers are busy practicing and preparing for the upcoming Music, Dance, and Drama competition. As a tradition with the competition, all the songs, dances, and performances are based on a specific category. The category for this year’s competition is the promotion of children’s rights and the rallying against child abuse.


TPS students of all classes are divided into 4 teams that work on their own individual songs and drama presentations. The teams will perform and compete in front of parents, community members, and invited guests in July.


Students learning the choreography to one of their songs.


New Readers for TPS Provided by Elementary Students of Elizabeth Zieglers Public School.

19 Jun

books 4

Tekera Primary School has received another boost to its growing library resources with the addition of English readers thanks to students of Elizabeth Zieglers Public School. With the addition of new English storybooks, or readers as they are called in Uganda, TPS students from ages 5-13 can now have daily English reading classes throughout the school year. The books themselves are written and published in East Africa and include local stories and content that students can relate to.


books 14 books 13

These reading classes are important to the development of the English language (the official language of Uganda), increasing literacy levels of all age groups, to promote creativity and imagination, and to create a love for reading and books. These new books have increased the learning experience of TPS students of all ages and greatly increase the services of our ever-growing school library.

books 9 books 8 books 7 books 2 books 3

A Chance to Hear the Voices of TPS Students

3 Jun

A chance to hear the voices of kids in Tekera — here a few letters written by TPS students to their Canadian pen pals.

Over the last few years, Tekera Primary School students have been corresponding with students from Delta, British Columbia, as pen pals. This opportunity has given each student a unique cross-cultural experience as they share about their interests and lives.

Letters are written from students in Baby Class (pre-school) and up to Primary 7 (grade 7).


*To read the letters in a higher quality image, please click on intended letter.PenPal Letter to upload 1 PenPal Letters to upload 2 PenPal Letters to upload 4 PenPal Letters to upload 5 PenPal Letters to upload 7 PenPal Letters to upload 8

A Farewell Bonfire to Nurse Harriet.

15 May

TRC staff and residents of Tekera held a small farewell ceremony for our long-serving nurse Harriet Kirungi. After over 5 years of working as our head nurse in our medical clinic, Harriet is leaving TRC to attend the Nsambya School of Nursing in Kampala, to further her nursing education. Harriet received a proper Ugandan sendoff and thank you staff and residents feasted on local cuisine and danced around a bonfire to traditional drumbeats. To get a sense of the atmosphere of the night, here is a video of the sounds of the night set to the crackling bonfire.


We would like to thank Harriet for all her years of service at TRC and wish her the best of luck in her academic studies!

We Bless the Rains Down in Africa

6 May

The rainy season has officially begun in Tekera. With all the rain our rain-collection reservoir is full and our farm crops are getting plenty of water.

Our farm workers including our staff and sponsored students working their required farm hours, have been very busy as they take advantage of the conditions to transform the fields into functioning farms. As part of our goal to become self-sustaining, TRC’s various farms remain our main income-generating projects. Among the crops that we grow are matooke, beans, maize, pineapples, ground-nuts, spinach, sukuma-wiki, tomatoes, green peppers, eggplant, and many more.

While our farms and water reservoirs benefit greatly from the rains, transportation on roads around Tekera can become quite hazardous with the muddy clay road surfaces.

tekera road 2

Tekera road during the rainy season becomes a bit muddy,


Student working on the farm weeding between the ground-nut plants.


Freshly transplanted Matoke stalks among beans in one of TRC’s farm plots.


A lone Papaya tree planted among a prepared garden waiting to be sown.


While not look like much, the rains come down heavy and leaves the ground saturated for hours.



Knowledge for Children Book Program

28 Apr

Tekera Primary School is happy to announce its new partnership with Knowledge for Children Uganda! Knowledge for Children is a Dutch organization that seeks to enhance the education of students across the world by subsidizing the cost of textbooks and doing leadership training courses for teachers. With this new partnership, TPS and its students will receive Ugandan curriculum textbooks over the next three years. This will result in a collection of about 3 textbooks per students once the three-year agreement is complete. Due to the high expense of textbooks, many Ugandan schools simply cannot afford the high cost, resulting in a lower quality of education and learning. With this new partnership, TPS hopes to continue offering a higher quality education to the surrounding communities.

kids and books

TPS students posing with some of the new textbooks.




Two of the new English textbooks.

TRC staff, TPS teachers, and the Knowledge for Children representatives had the pleasure of formally announcing this new partnership at the general parent teacher conference at the co nclusion of the first school term. Parents were able to view the new textbooks themselves and hear about the details of this new agreement.

To learn more about the work of Knowledge for Children in Uganda and the world, please visit their website at .

presenting books

Knowledge for Children, TRC staff, and PTA Chairman during the book presentation.

speaking to group

Presentation of the new books.

kids with books

TPS teachers and students showing off the new textbooks.

explaining books

Knowledge for Children representatives discussing the new books.


Some of the new textbooks.


PTA Chairman addressing the parents attending the end of term general meeting.

parents reading books

Parents checking out the new textbooks.

lined up for books

Students lined up to observe the presentation of the handing over of new school books.


It is wedding season at TRC

18 Apr

Wedding Season in Tekera

It is officially wedding season in Tekera, as TRC staff and residents celebrated the marriage ceremonies for two of our staff members. Our farm manager Pauline Kentaro and teacher Gorreth Nakakeeto both celebrated their new marriages with friends and colleagues. Traditional ceremonies were held in their home villages while the official wedding ceremonies were celebrated in Masaka Town.

TRC staff would like to wish Pauline and Gorreth both long happy lives with their new husbands!



wedding 2

Gorreth is seen standing during her Introduction ceremony.

wedding 1

TRC staff and residents of Tekera attending the ceremony.

wedding 5

Location of Pauline’s Give Away Ceremony in her home village.

wedding 4

Pauline with her new husband Christopher.

wedding 3

TRC Staff at Gorreth’s Introduction (left to right, Wasswa, Pauline, Harriet, Kato, and Prossy).


Sports Day 2015

30 Mar

javelin throw


girls relay 2

Girls’ relay race.


the goat prize

The coveted prize for the winning team on Sports Day.


On the final day of hosting the Canadian students, TPS held its annual sports day competition. The Canadian students along with Youth Sport Uganda workers help facilitate the sporting events in judging and also joined in on cheering the competitors on. As set up in previous years, TPS students are grouped into four different teams or houses. This year, teachers decided to have the houses set up according to names of the founders of the Tekera Resource Centre. Therefore there was the house of Bruce-Bridget (yellow), the house of Kiweewa-Einer (green), the house of ICEF (blue), and the house of Killian-Francis (red). And of course, the house that finished with the most points would win a goat roast.

nursery sack races 2

Nursery class posho sack race.

womens 100m dash finish

Photo finish of the girls 100m dash.

girls high jump 2

The high jump competition utilizes two matoke stocks stuck in the sand with sticks stuck in to make higher levels for the bamboo pole.

long jump crowd

The crowd gathering around to watch the long jump competition. Many parents, grand parents, and community members came to cheer on the competitors.

high jump2

Clearing the bamboo in high jump.


The students all competed well as a variety of different events were held. The day started off with nursery class competing in some games of their own. This involved posho sack races, eat the bun off the rope, and egg on a spoon races. Once the main events started, such as the 12 lap race, many parents, grand parents, and community members showed up to cheer on the competitors. Other events that took place were the 6 lap race, 100m dash, long jump, high jump, javelin, discus, and shot put.

bun eating contest 3

Nursery class students compete in the ‘eat the bun off the string’ competition.



At the end of the events the results showed a tight race for the overall winner. But the overall winner with the house of Kiweewa-Einer (green) finishing with 95 points and narrowly beating the house of Bruce-Bridget (yellow) who finished with 94 points. The house of ICEF (blue) finished with 65 points. and the house of Killian and Francis (red) with 63 points respectively.

100m dash

Boys 100m dash.

boys relay

Boys relay race.

egg and spoon

Nursery class balancing an egg on a spoon race.



In conclusion of the sports day and the visit of the Canadian students, the TPS boys soccer team played a football match against the Canadians and the Youth Sport Uganda workers. It was another close match and the TPS boys fought hard against their larger competitors, but with the help of Youth Sport Uganda, the Canadian students were able to pull off a stunning 5-3 victory.

TRC hosts Youth in Development and Youth Sport Uganda

25 Mar

Tekera Resource Centre had the pleasure hosting Canadian students from West Vancouver Secondary School along with Youth in Development. The students were able to experience what life in rural Uganda is like and learn the different techniques of farming in Uganda with hands on experience in slashing and digging banana holes. Students were also able to mingle with TPS students and sit in on some classes to learn about the education system here in Uganda. As part of their program, the Canadian students partnered up with Youth Sport Uganda to put on game and sports workshops for the students of TPS. All students had two fun afternoons of playing a variety of different games including soccer, tennis, frisbee, skipping, and the parachute game.

students hoola hooping student soccer practice playing frisbee parachute game debrief at end of games

World Water Day 2015

22 Mar

In recognition of World Water Day today, here is a glimpse into how we collect, use, and preserve water here at the Tekera Resource Centre.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 3.24.04 PM

Much of the water we use at TRC comes from a nearby natural spring which is locally named ‘the magic tree.’ To retrieve the spring water, we use our oxen team to haul this water tank on a cart from the spring to TRC.


This is the spring at the base of the magic tree. It is called the magic tree as the spring has never run dry, even in times of drought. A number of years ago TRC volunteers and community members helped construct a bridge across the spring to help aid in the fetching of water and reduce contamination to the spring. It is not see in the photo but due to the spring, a borehole has also been placed nearby to aid in gathering water.

biosand water filter

All of our drinking water at TRC is filtered through these bio-sand water filters. There are 5 water filters currently found through out the administration building, kitchen, and school buildings to provide clean drinking water for staff, students, and visitors to TRC.


hand washing station

Scattered across TRC and TPS are these hand washing stations which are used by staff and students.

holding tank, pumphouse, and tower

Seen here is our main water holding tank that is dug into the ground. This holding tank collects all the rain water collected from the TRC administration building and is also filled with water from the magic tree spring. The building at the front is the pump house, where a gas water pump is held and used to supply the TRC guest house and staff quarters with running water for bathing and washing. The water tank on the tower is for the farms irrigation system.

rain collection 2

The main holding tank and pump house seen from a different angle. Our rain collection system can be seen on main administration and clinic building. Currently the water holding tank is fairly empty due to the lack of rain as we are still in the dry season.

rain collection

This is the newest addition to our rain catchment system. TRC recently received a donation for water conservation and the funds were put towards installing a rain catchment system on the guest house. All the rain water collected from the guest will also end up in the larger water holding tank.

rain collection and water tank

This is at the back of the guest house where the new rain catchment system has been installed. The guest house does receive running water inside thanks to the elevation of its water tank, which is of course gravity fed. This simple system of gravity fed water is found at the TRC staff quarters and through out Uganda.


This is how the majority of Ugandans collect their water. These children are returning from the spring and borehole at the magic tree with 20 litre jerry cans.