Women’s Craft Club

Tekera Women’s Craft Club is made up of over 50 local women who come together once a week to share ideas, techniques, supplies and gossip — while creating beautiful crafts.


As there are a range of ages within the Club, the older members tend to focus on the more traditional styles and crafts. They have mastered traditional baskets, mats, woven bags, jewelry, and wallets, incorporating beautiful colours and striking patterns. They have also created charming banana fiber mobiles, dolls, handbags, Nativity scenes and Christmas angels, all with raw natural materials and natural dyes.

Some of our young entrepreneurs have begun to experiment with sewing stylish African fabrics to make book bags, shoulder bags, pencil cases, and headbands.


The aim of the Tekera Women’s Craft Club is to empower women to work together on traditional crafts, while improving their creative skills and economic status.

For many of these women, the Craft Club is their primary or only source of income. Each craftswoman receives 50% of the sale price of the item sold, and the other 50% is used by the group to buy materials/supplies and goes into a communal bank to provide these women with Micro-loans.

In 2009, the group began a small lending programme using profits earned from sales. Loans of up to 100,000 UGX ($40) are granted by committee members to help those with small business plans. Repayment includes interest (10%) and loans must be repaid on time. It has been a very successful enterprise and a great benefit to members.

How you can support Tekera Women’s Craft Club

  • Purchasing Crafts:
    • Locally in Uganda, visitors and craft shoppers are welcome to come to our on-site store in the Centre and see the ladies in action.
    • Also within Uganda , crafts can be found at Churchill Safari’s Office in Kampala , or at the AidChild café and craft shop at the Equator
    • Internationally, depending on where you live, a few times shipments are personally taken overseas (to Canada , USA , Netherlands ) and your order could be taken by these visitors. Please contact tekeraresourcecentre@gmail.com to arrange the most convenient method for you.

Donations to the Craft Club can be made at

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
Account #: 1003367