Medical Clinic



History of the Tekera Health Clinic

The health clinic was the first service offered by TRC when it began in January 2006. The Clinic was initially an outdoor needs assessment and treatment gathering on the grounds of the Centre, before the Clinic building was constructed. After 5 months of these weekly gatherings, the permanent building was opened on June 27th 2006 and Brigitte (founder and nurse) began receiving patients on a daily basis

TRC’s Health Clinic is a registered Level II Health Centre and is staffed by an Enrolled Nurse, Harriet, and assisted by Registered Nurse Brigitte.

In-Clinic Services offered include treatment of acute and chronic medical conditions, counselling, family planning, health education, immunizations and referrals. The only free treatment offered in the clinic is Family Planning (birth control), and deworming; all other services must be paid for.  Patients can pay for the services and drugs by using the Tekera Peso or Ugandan shillings. As there is no transport in the area, we often act as an ambulance service to either Masaka Mulago (government hospital) or Kitovu Hospital, and this is done free of charge. The Clinic is open Monday to Friday and is one of the busiest areas of the Centre and caters to about 25-40 patients a day.

The Dental Service began in April 2008. A certified dentist comes from Masaka to our dental clinic once a week. Most treatment involves extractions, where lidocaine, amoxicillin and pain medication are included in the cost. As it is the only dental service in the area, patients are happy to have the service and show up in large numbers – but often only when the pain is consistent and extraction is required.

Community Services also take place in terms of health education through workshop sessions which address topics such as family planning, home births, hygiene, sanitation and children’s health. All school children have a health check day at the beginning of every term. Things like lice, jiggers, and general hygiene are targeted, with all children receiving deworming medicine.  They are encouraged to bathe and wash their uniforms on a regular basis.

The Centre also hosts a drama and music group from TASO (The Aids Support Organization) Uganda , who educate inhabitants of the area about HIV/AIDS.  Along with this education, four times a year the Clinic invites the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services, which comes to the Centre to take blood donations from locals. This blood is also tested for HIV and STIs, the results of which are available from the Clinic if patients wish to receive them.

Maternity Packs are assembled by our head nurse and provided for pregnant women in the area.  They include baby blankets, baby clothes, cotton, razor blades, and other items used for delivering and caring for a newborn baby.  These packs are hot items and the women are very grateful for them!

Medical Outreach is the newest addition to the project. Every Tuesday Harriet travels to Kasaka, a neighboring village, twice a week.  Patients numbers average about 30-40 per visit.  It is a very exciting achievement for TRC.  This couldn’t have been made possible without the help of Sanne Bins covering the start-up cost of medications, and ICEF Canada for purchasing our new 3-wheeled motorcycle, used as the outreach vehicle.  Our sincere gratitude and that of the community go to all concerned.

Should you like to Sponsor a Nurse or a medical/dental programme, please set up a direct deposit at

Royal Bank of Canada
Account #: 1003367