Tekera Co-Operative

Tekera’s Co-operative Farm looks to create and provide markets to local farmers where otherwise there would be none.

The Co-op functions as follows: a farmer who has a surplus of crops brings these to the Centre. After weighing the produce and paying the farmer the market value for their crops, we then transport the fruits and vegetables to Masaka, to sell to the local hotels.

The Co-op has over 40 members. For many, who have no transport of their own nor access/availability to sell their crops, this is their main source of income and their only consistently available market. Payout to farmers is once a week. They bring their log book (that documents all of the produce they have brought for sale) and in turn receive cash.

This farm is not only profitable to the farmer, but offers a small income to the Centre while pleasing the local hotels who are glad to have the produce brought to their doors, glad to have it provided by local growers. So it’s a win-win for all!

Should you like to Sponsor a Farm Worker, please set up a direct deposit at

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
Account #: 1003367