Tekera Primary School

Tekera Primary School (TPS) is a private community school on site.  It hosts approximately 400 children from Nursery up to Primary 7 (Grade Seven), educated by 10 qualified teachers and a Headmaster. TPS strives to promote high quality education at “village” prices. As it has no boarding section, children walk from upwards of 2-10km per day to attend, paying fees for each term.  School fees are small, even by local standards; Nursery to P7 costs between 10,000 to 20,000 UGX ($5 – $10 USD) per term. This money goes towards teaching supplies, teachers’ salaries, weekly tests, term exams, and general upkeep of the school and compound. Pupils are also asked to bring two bundles of firewood each term to cook the porridge they receive each day at lunch.

Our Porridge Program has been graciously sponsored East Plains United Church of Burlington, Ontario; and Sean Nhu of Tasmania, Australia. Many children in the area come to school without eating. For many this might be the only meal they have all day. As such we are very thankful to offer porridge each day to all pupils.

Though school fees are considered low, many families still struggle to pay. TPS is proud to host, with thanks to many personal donors and Lift the Children in Canada , the Tekera Primary Sponsorship Program. This program pays full fees, supplies and uniforms for 50 pupils at TPS. In exchange for the gift of education, these children personally contribute 10 hours per term to the Community Work Program.

History of  Tekera Primary School: TPS first opened on 21st May 2007 with 160 students. Enrollment for 2009 was 300 students. The new school is the result of a joint venture between St. Francis Primary School, Lwega, and Tekera Resource Centre. St Francis School had been operating in Tekera/Lwega since 1986 under the leadership of headmaster Francis Kiweewa. St Francis School had no buildings and classes were conducted under trees, which meant that all the classes were often taught together. Mr. Kiweewa and TRC agreed to work together to develop a new permanent school for the children of the local community. There is no boarding section to insure the school is for local children only. Mr. Kiweewa has closed St Francis Primary School and now is on the Board of Directors for TRC.

Additional info: At the end of P7 , pupils sit Primary Level Certificate (PLE) exam to complete their primary education. Under the Universal Primary Education (UPE) initiative, all primary education in Uganda is free of charge but many parents prefer to send their children to private schools as the standard is often better. Also, many UPE schools are too far for many children in villages. Only 55% of school aged children attend Primary School in Uganda, despite the free fees initiative. The primary school curriculum is very intensive which could be a reason for the high drop-out rate. Another serious problem with the UPE (government run schools) is the high absenteeism of teachers. It was recorded that in 2007, teachers missed 30% of class time in Uganda. There is no supply teacher force to compensate for the lost time so children are forced to study on their own during these times.We are diligent about our teachers’ responsibilities and they, in turn, are dedicated.  We encourage English ( Uganda ’s official language, though over 200 local dialects are spoken) as the main language in the school and are non-denominational, though all denominations are invited to give thanks on days of celebration.

Should you like to Sponsor a Student or  Sponsor a Teacher, please set up a direct deposit at

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
Account #: 1003367