Secondary Scholarships

In January 2009, we introduced our Secondary Sponsorship Program.

Huge thanks goes to their sponsors (see list below) who have committed their time and money to these lucky individuals!

This program aims to identify intelligent, disciplined, interesting, and well behaved TPS pupils who have hopes and interests of continuing their education, but no financial feasibility to do so.  Extreme poverty is all too common in rural Uganda.  As a result, more than half of primary graduates do not continue onto secondary education. This program looks to eradicate that one child at a time.

The Costs (in US Dollars):

Payments are made once a year, by December 15th. The donation covers all school fees, school requirements, learning materials and boarding supplies for the year.

S1 – S6 (grade 8-12)  – $650 per year ($500 school fees + $150 boarding supplies and costs) –– As these students will be boarding at school, we ask the donors for this one-time contribution to accommodate all the needed supplies (a list of which  can be provided upon request), combined with the school fees.

Current Sponsors

TRC and TPS would like to thank the current Scholarship donors.  Your commitment not only benefits the students by providing  an opportunity of a lifetime, but it also benefits the community by providing hope, inspiration and education. Thank you.

  • Renew Humanity (Canada)(
  • Allan Goldin ( Australia )
  • Carol Newness ( USA )
  • East Plains Community Church (c/o Harold Wells)
  • Kids Connection
  • Leslie Carroll
  • Hazel + Simon Postma
  • Andrew + Jen Barnes
  • Frances Haworth (Ireland)
  • Vania Chan
  • Gurkamal and Jatinder Mangat
  • Bruce and Brigitte Daley (Canada)
  • Amrit Maharaj
  • Ryan Emmerson + Staff of Earl’s Strawberry Hill

More Information on Secondary Scholarships….

The Selection Process

Identifying intelligent, disciplined, and well behaved TPS pupils who have achievable goals begins in P5.  We encourage them to take their education seriously by informing them of their opportunity to acquire scholarships.  This allows the students to have an achievable goal to work toward for graduation.

Scholarship Students are selected based on high academic achievement, good conduct, and recognizable social responsibility. Additionally, the students family must be in financial need.  Upon completion of  P7 Primary Leaving Exams, students who have demonstrated the above personal characteristics and have received the highest grades, will be considered for Secondary Scholarships.

The Scholarship Process

While these children are receiving an enormous opportunity, it is also a major commitment from the donor.

We ask that donors who wish to provide a Secondary Scholarship make a six year commitment to ensure the completion of their child’s secondary education.

Upon receiving the Scholarship, we then ask the student (co-signed by their guardian) to sign an “Education Contract” that ensures they are committed to taking this opportunity seriously. Furthermore, as part of our “work-to-earn” program, all Scholarship holders must work on our Community Farm for 10 hours per term.

Donors are updated with photos and reports three times a year, while the TRC staff ensures constant communication with the secondary school’s Headmaster and the student’s family.

For your support and giving the gift of education while changing a life,

we and the children involved   THANK YOU!