TPS Primary Sponsorship

Primary Sponsorship Program

TPS has always strived to provide high quality education in a village setting. As such, we have done our best to make attending school as cost effective and affordable as we can.

These small fees aside, we noticed that some of the most deserving children were still not able to attend the school due to extreme poverty or too many children in the family making it impossible for all children to attend. This provoked the “Primary Sponsorship Program” at Tekera Primary School.

In 2007, began the program, with sponsored 25 children. Since then, with generosity of personal donors, we are now able to sponsor 50 TPS pupils! Different to a “World Vision” model where donors receive donate to only one child, we pool all the money together and support as many deserving children as possible.

Costs to Sponsor a Primary Student for the year: (in UGX & US dollars)

*Prices fluctuate year to year dependant on exchange rates*

Baby Class 35,000/=             $15.00

Top Class 35,000/=               $15.00

Primary one 40,000/=          $17.00

Primary two 40,000/=           $17.00

Primary Three 40,000/=        $17.00

Primary Four 45,000/=          $19.00

*Primary Five 50,000/=         $21.00

*Primary six 60,000/=             $25.00

*Primary Seven 70,000/=       $30.00

*Primary students who will be staying at school and living in the dormitory will

pay 200,000/= $85.00 for both school and board, per term, whatever class (ie P5, P6 or P7).

The Process

Pupils are identified by our Sponsorship Committee made up of our 4 Ugandan Managers who all know the community in different ways, they identify children and families who feel are deserving of sponsorship based on poverty, familial conflicts, illness, and large families. The Sponsorship covers all school fees, and materials for the year. All of the sponsored children (of all ages) are on a per-year basis whereby their academic achievement, attendance and behavior are all monitored and discussed with the committee and family every year. Furthermore, as part of our “work to-earn” program all children work for 10 hours per term in our Community farm in exchange for their education.


Thank you for giving the gift of education!

If you have any questions regarding Primary Sponsorship, please feel free to email us at