Specialty Roles

Specific Qualifications:

In alignment with our goal towards sustainability, TRC is at the stage whereby we do not “need” volunteers to achieve our daily work. We have Ugandan professionals who have proven to be very capable in their fields, we do, however, welcome anyone willing to help us expand our skills and contribute theirs.

The following list are specific qualifications of skills we are lacking and seeking to improve:

Adult English Teachers; to re-vamp our Adult English Program and encourage members to join

Agriculturalists; to provide knowledge and tips on farming practices and maintenance

Professional Medical Personnel; to share practices, and  enhance their tropical medical knowledge

Auto Motive/ Motorcycle Mechanics; to help us in the repairs of our vehicles and teach some basic knowledge to some community members

Proposal/Grant Writing; this skill is always needed within the NGO to try to attain sustainable funding from government subsidies or embassy grants

Marketing and Advertising; these skills we are looking for to assist and boost the craft club sales in the local area. As we all to update project materials to Western Standards, and help spread awareness of the project

Computer Teachers; who would be able to provide basic computer knowledge to some of staff and Scholarship pupils

If you do not have any of the above qualifications, please do not feel shy about contacting us to see if your skills and interests can fit into the project! For more information please email us at tekeraresourcecentre@gmail.com