Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities for Volunteering with TRC:

TRC has many departments that all offer unique opportunities and experiences for volunteers. All of our project divisions are staffed by Ugandan professionals who have expertise in their fields.  They want to share their skills with you as you contribute your knowledge and abilities. Please share with us where your interests are and were you feel you can contribute!

Tekera Health Clinic:

  • overseeing the treatment of patients
  • acquiring an understanding of tropical medicine
  • experiencing our outreach clinic
  • prepping medications
  • going with nurses on house calls
  • giving advice on health strategies and helping plan medical workshops
  • generally assisting the nurses working in the Clinic

Tekera Primary School:

  • speaking English with the children and staff, both in class and on the compound (practice helps!)
  • assisting in the Library with the TPS Reading Club
  • reading with our upper level students and providing comprehension lessons
  • reading and writing in class with pupils
  • assisting with administration work/secretarial needs
  • organizing extracurricular sports and/or cultural events

Adult Education:

  • teaching basic English communication skills to our staff and willing community members
  • teaching basic reading and writing skills to assist learning job-related terminology
  • helping create an English skills program and teaching teachers to continue the program in your absence

The Community and Co-op Farm:

  • helping prep orders from our garden and from co-op members’ crops, for hotel delivery
  • hands-on farming including digging, planting, irrigating and cultivating
  • learning about the produce being grown and why these have been chosen
  • learning about the land and irrigation practices used, advising where able
  • learning about Ugandan farming techniques including working with oxen

The Craft Club:

  • providing advice on products attractive to foreigner buyers e.g. colours, patterns, materials, etc.
  • assisting in developing promotion and marketing ideas to encourage the sales of crafts locally and internationally
  • bringing new artesan skills to be taught to the ladies in the Club
  • learning opportunities to acquire traditional Ugandan handicraft techniques

Administration Assistance:

  • researching suitable funders for our projects
  • writing proposals and grants
  • teaching basic computer skills to staff and teachers
  • updating office practices (i.e. accounting, inputting data, etc)

And more…

As you can see, there is much to be done at TRC! Often TRC/TPS are taking on new projects or tasks that can always use an extra set of hands and more brainpower. Whether it’s building bridges, shopping for craft supplies, completing outreach projects or helping plan and implement special events in the community, there are always things to be done!  “Pitching in” wherever you can when you see the need, no matter how menial the task or how mundane it may seem, is very welcomed.

If you are interested in volunteering with us or have an idea of what you would like to do/contribute/learn, please contact us at info@icefcanada.org.

Thanks so much and we look forward to meeting you!