End of the 2015 School Year

7 Dec

It is officially the end of the 2015 school year at Tekera Primary School! A number of events were held at the school to celebrate the graduation of the Top Class (Nursery) students and the successful completion of the Primary Leaving Examinations for the Primary 7 students.

During the celebrations, TPS welcomed the founders of Knowledge for Children and presented drama skits, traditional dances, and music to thank them for helping provide text books to the school.top class grad9 top class grad8 top class grad7 top class grad6 top class grad5 top class grad4 top class grad3 top class grad2 p7

Primary 7’s sitting their Primary Leaving Examinations

2 Nov

It is an important week for the Primary 7 students of Tekera Primary School as they sit their Primary Leaving Examinations.

All year Primary 7 students have been taking extra classes and study periods in preparation for sitting this exam. Last week, local community members and religious leaders were invited to TRC to pray and wish for the students success in this examination.


Primary 7 students (sitting centre) listen to a local pastor speak to guests and students.


IMG_0686 There was music, snacks, and sodas for Primary 7 students after the ceremony.

The entire staff of TRC and TPS wish all students success during these next few days of examination!

Cujo the Dog

28 Oct

After serving TRC since 2005, Cujo the dog has passed away. During more than 10 years of loyal service, Cujo became a centrepiece of the Centre and the Tekera community. She was the first one to greet any visitor to the Centre and spent her days escorting the oxen to the magic tree spring and resting in the school yard. She was loved by all staff, students, and community members that came through Tekera and will be greatly missed.cujo cujo

14 Sep

Meet Christine Nalweyiso. Christine is four years old and a Tekera Primary School student in Baby Class (pre-school). At the Optometry Outreach TRC hosted several weeks ago, Christine was diagnosed with a severe squint (strabismus) in both of her eyes. The condition can be cured through treatment, but if left undetected it can lead to permanent vision loss. Thanks to the visiting team of optometrists, the problem was caught and Christine’s vision can be corrected. The optometrists referred Christine to the Reharo Eye Centre in Mabrara, Uganda. Last week, TRC staff — including the school’s head teacher — drove Christine and her mother to the Centre, where she underwent further tests and consultation. Thanks to donors in Canada, Christine will have corrective eye surgery christine 3 christine1 christine2on one of her eyes, followed by a second surgery next year.

Optometry Outreach Day at TRC

21 Aug

eye outreach 1

The first optometry outreach was recently held at TRC and TPS! 171 students, teachers, and community members attended the outreach to have their eyes checked and examined by an optometry outreach team from Masaka.

The team comprised of 4 individuals who are professional optometrists and were led by Ann Basiima, who is the head of the eye department at the Masaka Hospital, and Kunja Abdullah, the President of the Association of Optometrists in Uganda.


eye outreach 2

While the majority of the students and community members tested had good vision scores, some students were treated for allergies, eye dryness, and debris that was stuck in eyes. Some special cases involving TPS students were also discovered and will require follow-up appointments over the next few months and years. We are thankful to be able to have hosted such a professional outreach team who showed kindness and care to each and every student that came through the outreach.

eye outreach 5 eye outreach 6 eye outreach 7 eye outreach 8 eye outreach 9 eye outreach 11 eye outreach 13 eye outreach 15 eye outreach 16 eye outreach 21 eye outreach 22 eye outreach 25

Football and Netball Matches in Kasozi Village

31 Jul

It was a day of competition against some local rivals as the TPS boys football team and girls netball team, faced off against St. Mary’s Primary School in Kasozi Village. The boys pulled off an impressive performance by beating the home team 1-0, while the girls lost in their match.

Teachers and students were happy to enjoy the time away from classes and take a break from studying as the second term of the year comes to an end in a few weeks.


boys football team photo

The boys football team poses for a photo.

football game action

Game action with Tekera in blue and Kasozi in orange.

girls netball team photo 2

The girls netball team.

post matches talk

Students from both teams took part in a small talk after the matches.

TPS celebrating a goal

Fans of Tekera celebrate after scoring a goal.

TPS fans

Tekera Primary students and teachers were happy to cheer on the boys and girls.

TPS netball fans

Tekera fans watch patiently during the girls netball match.


Building Expansion for Staff Residences

19 Jul

TRC is under construction as the Guest House receives a building expansion to further the staff residences and to create some much needed storage space. Once the rainy season finished and the road dried up, builders and supplies began arriving on site and the builders got to work!


guest house addition 3 - 16june2015guest addition 17june guest house addition 4 -16june2015 guest house addition 17june(2) guesthouse june22 (1) guesthouse addition june guesthouse addition - july(4) guesthouse addition - july(2)guesthouse addition - july(6)

TPS Music, Dance, and Drama Performance

10 Jul

dance 7 dance3

Tekera Primary School held its annual Music, Dance, and Drama performance. Students and teachers were divided into houses, or teams, to compete in categories of singing, poetry, and traditional dances. All song, poetry, and drama performances were based on the issue of children’s rights here in Uganda. TPS had the privilege of hosting the students from Notre Dame Secondary School who treated the staff, students, and audience members to their award winning traditional dance routines.

drama3 drama2 dance4 drama dance9 dance1 crowd shot crowd2 dance 5 dance 6

Music, Dance, and Drama Practice

25 Jun

The second term at TPS is underway and students and teachers are busy practicing and preparing for the upcoming Music, Dance, and Drama competition. As a tradition with the competition, all the songs, dances, and performances are based on a specific category. The category for this year’s competition is the promotion of children’s rights and the rallying against child abuse.


TPS students of all classes are divided into 4 teams that work on their own individual songs and drama presentations. The teams will perform and compete in front of parents, community members, and invited guests in July.


Students learning the choreography to one of their songs.


New Readers for TPS Provided by Elementary Students of Elizabeth Zieglers Public School.

19 Jun

books 4

Tekera Primary School has received another boost to its growing library resources with the addition of English readers thanks to students of Elizabeth Zieglers Public School. With the addition of new English storybooks, or readers as they are called in Uganda, TPS students from ages 5-13 can now have daily English reading classes throughout the school year. The books themselves are written and published in East Africa and include local stories and content that students can relate to.


books 14 books 13

These reading classes are important to the development of the English language (the official language of Uganda), increasing literacy levels of all age groups, to promote creativity and imagination, and to create a love for reading and books. These new books have increased the learning experience of TPS students of all ages and greatly increase the services of our ever-growing school library.

books 9 books 8 books 7 books 2 books 3