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Tekera is on a mission to show the world how our unique development model provides long term solutions for achieving our sustainability goals.

One Community at a Time.




At our core, we are simply a community of people that live and work in Tekera, Uganda. We are teachers, mothers, program managers, cooks, accountants, nurses, businesses owners, midwives, dentists, farmers, shop keepers, fathers, and students.  We are you, striving to make our community better, too.

We are an organization that has a long term community plan - moving away from short term solutions, volunteerism that doesn't benefit Tekera, or funder decided projects. Tekera is doing development differently. 

We are the hub that provides programs and services needed for daily life, like: education, healthcare, agricultural co-ops and support, economic and business development, and banking alternatives. Tekera wants to thrive, not just survive. 


We aim to be LOCAL, HOLISTIC, INCLUSIVE, DECOLONIAL, and champion the strengths of the Tekera community while using appropriate practice and policy.

Our Approach
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