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From the beginning, we have strived to engage in a development model that is based on well-being and


One Community at a Time.



The Tekera Resource Center was founded in 2005. Tekera was identified by a Ugandan social worker as being a high risk and high vulnerability area due to its remote location, 40 minutes east of Masaka town. It started with a single room medical clinic and has now grown into the service hub for an entire town. 


Tekera's vision from the beginning is to be a model community. Because foreign aid and government funding are volatile, we needed to create a model that gives us more control and autonomy. 

Tekera has grown over the years to now offer a nationally ranked primary school with boarding, a vocational trades school, a commercial farm, a community farm, a farmers co-operative, economic development and finance opportunities, alternative banking services, and a full service medical clinic (general practice, sexual and reproductive health, maternal health, malaria prevention). 

We have been in a joint venture partnership with the Tekera Foundation since 2009, together creating our own unique development model that is like no other. 

We fund this all through: launching small - medium businesses whose profits go back into funding the social services, charging reasonable rates for services, and through outsourcing staff funding. Over time, the businesses allow Tekera the autonomy to create its own future while reducing both domestic volatility and reliance on foreign aid. 

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